Tuesday, October 12, 2010

World Hunger Project

As promised, I will be re-posting portions of the "21 Days for World Hunger" series from Conducive Chronicle.  I strongly encourage you to read, share and absorb all that it will has to offer.

925 million people.  21 days.  5 writers.  Joining forces and uniting voices to help those living with hunger.  Together we embark on a journey to learn, share, explore, write and make whatever effort we can to help reduce the global catastrophic crisis of world hunger.
Welcome to day one of twenty-one days for world hunger.  We hope that you too, in your own way, will join us on this journey.
When I was a kid, my parents harped on me to eat everything on my plate, because children in Ethiopia were starving.  I must confess that even though I felt for all those kids, I didn’t really make the connection.  While I rarely had a problem finishing my plate, on liver and lima beans night I didn’t have much compassion for those starving kids.  That dinner was invariably and surreptitiously fed to the dog.  While I may have gone to bed with the slightest tinge of hunger on those particular nights, I always knew there would be a meal the next morning.  Now in 2010 I am a different person and the world is a different place.  Now it is well known there are children all over the world – even in our communities – who are living with hunger. Now the notion of wasting food feels nearly criminal to me.  Now I see how the food choices I make impact not only my own health and well-being but also the health and well-being of hungry children.

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