Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jamie Oliver Speaks Out

Whatever your views, this is definitely food for thought (pun intended).  Borrowed from TED, Ideas Worth Spreading, which is an extremely interesting website full of very neat stuff.  I highly recommend checking it out!


  1. Inspirational, but "what is the practical next step?" is the question I am left with. I believe from his triangle, the change will have to start in the home before action by school, businesses, "Main St." food sources, and especially before the government.

    For me personally, I lately aim to cook more from scratch, but finding the time can be so difficult. So it is easier to place the burden of cooking on others, in restaurants, where the food is prepared to taste good. Whether it is healthy for you or not is a lower priority, if it is a priority at all.

    Ideally I suppose we would all be taught, parents & children, some quick, easy, healthy, inexpensive recipes (kind of like what he mentions). I wonder if such a list is out there already?

    These are promising...

  2. Hi TSotD!

    Thanks for stopping by and posting some helpful links! I am a big fan of the site! Very informative.

    I agree with you that there needs to be more emphasis placed on the "how-to's" when people are pressed for time, etc. Making homemade meals is definitely a commitment.

    In one of his shows, Jamie mentions that he believes that kids should know how to make 10-12 meals by the time they graduate high school. What a great goal-- to teach our kids how so that they can be healthier and make better choices for their lives. It's good stuff!

    Thanks again for stopping by and please do keep the comments coming!