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Cruise Ship Environmental Report Card | Friends of the Earth

Cruise Ship Environmental Report Card | Friends of the Earth

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Millions of Americans take cruise vacations every year. Yet, most travelers don’t realize that taking a cruise is more harmful to the environment and human health than many other forms of travel. The 2010 Cruise Ship Report Card lets vacationers decide which cruise to take based on a cruise ship or cruise line’s environmental and human health impacts.

What Can You Do About It? You Can Choose a Greener Cruise!

All cruise lines are not the same! You can choose a greener cruise! With new ships that can carry more than 8,000 passengers and crew, these floating cities pollute the air we breathe and the water we use and enjoy. Friends of the Earth’s 2nd annual Cruise Ship Report Card compares the environmental footprint of 11 major cruise lines and 113 cruise ships.
Cruise Lines Sewage Treatment Air Pollution Reduction Water Quality Compliance Change From 2009 2010 Final Grade

up arrowGrade Went Up
down arrowGrade Went Down
side to sideNo Grade Change
N/ANot Graded in 2009

Curved Grading Scale
C69-50Needs Work
N/ANot GradedNo Discharge In Alaskan Waters

Holland America Line

B+ C- B+ B-

Norwegian Cruise Lines

C- C+ B-

Princess Cruises

C+ A- D+ C+

Cunard Cruise Line

A No Alaska Voyages C-

Disney Cruise Line

No Alaska Voyages
Most Improved

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

C+ C-

Celebrity Cruises

N/A D+

Royal Caribbean Int'l

D+ A- D+

Carnival Cruise Lines


Silversea Cruises

B- D-

Crystal Cruises

No Alaska Voyages N/A

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  1. We are very disturbed at FOE’s questionable criteria and selective research to rate cruise ships. Crystal Cruises has implemented many initiatives that focus on waste streams, such as energy conservation, water filtration and waste reduction. In keeping with our high standards in everything we do, Crystal Cruises’ policy on sewage discharge exceeds international regulations. With our Environmental Management System, Crystal has achieved certification to the ISO 14001 standard, which is only awarded to those companies that meet a comprehensive and stringent set of criteria. In fact, Crystal was recertified this past year following an extensive audit. We are proud to be internationally recognized for our “Crystal Clean” initiatives. In 2009, the Ports of Stockholm presented Crystal Symphony with the Environmental Buoy Diploma for the third time, in recognition of our waste management efforts in the region, and Crystal Cruises was awarded the “Venice Blue Flag” by the port of Venice for our commitment to reducing emissions and safeguarding the city’s environment.