Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Uses for Old Pantyhose

I am no fan of pantyhose.  The mere sound of the term "pantyhose" is just not appealing.  Who named them anyway?  To make a long story short, a guy by the name of Allen Gant invented them back in 1959.  They were quite revolutionary in that they eliminated the need for multiple "foundation" garments (thank you!).  Sure, the word "hosiery" is far better and sounds way more sophisticated, but still... in my book, they're pantyhose.  In my opinion, they're hard to put on, they run or rip if you look at them cross-eyed and they're just all around gosh-darned uncomfortable.  And at the end of a workday, ladies, who isn't rushing home to rip them off and do the "pantyhose free" dance (you know you know this dance)?
Granted, pantyhose have their place and are somewhat of a necessity to a woman's wardrobe for business or formal attire.  On the rare occasion that I do wear them, I just don't like them.  And there you have it!  But I may be in the minority.  Sales figures show that 80 million women love them!  (Really?)  But what to do with all those pairs that end up at the bottom of sock drawers?  Before you throw them away, know this:  Pantyhose cannot be recycled, and are not biodegradable. Disposing of the item contributes to landfills and burning them burning them releases toxins into the environment.  So here is a list of 10 creative things you can do with your old hosiery:
  • Old pantyhose makes excellent stuffing for washable childrens' stuffed toys.
  • Stuff your pet's mattress with old pantyhose.  
  • Repair sagging chair cushions by stuffing them with pantyhose.
  • Gardeners can use strips of fabric to tie up plants in the garden.
  • If you drop something small on the floor and can’t find it (such as a button, earring etc), cut the leg off some old pantyhose and put it over the end on the vacuum hose. The suction will lift up the lost object and leave it stuck to the pantyhose.
  • Use leg sections to store onions and potatoes. Tie a knot and hang up.  
  • Use to cover a kid's bug jar, instead of hammering holes through the lid.
  • Cut the elastic waistband and use to secure a garbage liner to the bin.
  • Use as a flowerpot liner to prevent soil erosion when you water your houseplants. 
  • Fill pantyhose foot with homemade potpourri, cinnamon or lavender and then hang in closets, place in drawers, store in the bathrooms, etc.
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You can read more about the whole "history of hose" here.

Happy eco-stepping...right on outta those pantyhose!  


  1. Excellent ideas!

    My grandma attached them to washing machine hoses as a lint trap so the utility sink would not get clogged up with lint and cause an overflow.

  2. I use old pantyhose for craft projects, but never seem to have enough. If anyone has some to spare, please let me know. They can be in any condition, runs and holes are ok. You can contact me by email - annberry91 at

    Thank you,